Common Procedures Performed By Singapore Orthopaedic Surgeons

Surgeries are surgeries That involve the musculoskeletal system such as foot, shoulders, our hands and knees. It is among the most important and the arm of operation. We will require surgery to take care of problems such as musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries or diseases.

What are some common procedures performed by surgeons?

Total joint replacement

Because of diseases or ageing, a healthy Joint rendered useless and could be damaged. So as to regain the entire range of movement of a excellent lifestyle that is fantastic joint replacement will have to be carried out on patients using materials by orthopaedic surgeon singapore. All these biomaterials will mimic the activities of the joint and are biocompatible. They cannot fully replicate the functions of the one that is first. Wear and tear over a period of time may cause the cartilage to burn, causing pain and stiffness.

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Rotator cuff repair

Rotator cuff repair is done to Fix torn or injured tendons in the shoulder. There’s a group of muscles at the shoulder joint forming a barbell. This results in the shoulder joint to be unstable although our shoulder provides superb flexibility and range of movement. A small effect can cause the shoulder ball to pop from the socket, leading to a dislocation. The existence of the tendons will hold the shoulder muscles preventing any accidental popping activity out. Due to overuse or accidents, the joints would not hold and can become weak. Surgery may be performed as a contemporary arthroscopy or a standard open operation based on the size of the tear. The operation will fix the tendon back and it will be held together by sutures that are self-vanishing.

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