ADHD medication – Strategies for parents

The issue with assessing aspersers syndrome is misdiagnosis is common and that the symptoms overlap with those of ADHD. Since a number of the symptoms fit that disease aspersers is a sort of autism but it is reassuring to know that it is a mild form of autism brought on by changes in the child’s brain structure. Aspersers and ADHD have symptoms that are similar but as they are two different conditions, aspersers and ADHD medication will differ. Both conditions share the signs of lethargy or hyperactivity temper tantrums. The child with because he or she will have problems in differentiating between good and bad behavior, aspersers stands out. There are issues too in little eye contact. Play is restricted and repetitive to a few actions that are repeated over and over. There will never be play that you will notice in children.

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A characteristic of an asperser’s child is the monotone voice and you get the impression that they are currently talking rather. They will enjoy pointing things out to you like kids. Clumsiness is noticed from the child. Aspersers and ADHD medication cannot be considered to be part of the equation. Due to misdiagnosis ADHD and asserters children often end up being given the exact same sort of medication. The asperser’s child is set on natural adhd medication for children like Ritalin or another sort of amphetamine and there is absolutely no improvement. By contrast children on Ritalin are inclined to demonstrate improvement of some of the symptoms. Any treatment for the child is going to be aimed at trying reducing clumsiness to improve skills and attempt to get the kid off the routines that are repetitive. Are utilized for the hyperactivity and has been found to be helpful for the actions.

For the stress, Zoloft or Prozac can be prescribed with some success. These drugs that are typical of aspersers and ADHD medication today being prescribed have side effects that are undesirable or may carry a risk. In treating aspersers many parents wish to try homeopathic and herbal remedies that are free of dangers and side effects that are nasty unlike the assortment of aspersers and ADHD medication mentioned previously. If there is a remedy part of a treatment program including diet, behavior therapy and ‘time’ then there is an exceptional likelihood of enhancing the quality of life both for the child and the parents.

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