The Benefit of looking back and how to get that?

Have talked about how important it is to dwell at the present moment, without having to spend a good deal of time looking back in the past or dreaming about the future. And still, there are times when it is beneficial to have a look back at where you have been. Every so often, it is Helpful to notice your advancement, your growth, and how much you have changed – and so as to have that perspective, it is crucial to glance back at the road you have traveled. Many times when I work with customers, their growth has been so natural and organic, that it has not always felt like a large growth spurt. However, once we take the opportunity to look back at how differently they had to react to situations, how differently they had to feel about things/people, and how differently they had to believe back then, it helps them to actually see the enormous changes that they have made in their lives.

It is not necessary to do this quite often – in reality, once every 6 months or once a year will be adequate. This is what it may look like: Take a while to sit down and think about how you manage particular situations in your life now – how do you react, how do you feel, what are the thoughts that go through your mind, what activities do you choose, how do you read more feel afterward, etc Then remember back 6 Months or a year, and consider how you would have handled a similar situation back then. How would you have reacted, how would you have felt, what ideas would have been going through your mind yourself talk, what activities would you have taken, how would you have felt afterward, etc.

If you have been Actively, consciously working on your own personal growth or happen to be becoming more conscious of your actions, thoughts, and feelings, I’d bet you will find some big changes in the way you handle life’s situations. What are some of those Changes you may notice Well that will differ from person to person, but a few overall changes you may notice include: less fast to react, taking more time to sit  something before choosing how to react, much less emotional about things, feeling more calm and ready to handle your feelings, feeling longer lengths of peacefulness, not as much negative self talk on mind, feeling sexier on your own, able to take some time to edit what you say to others until you talk it, taking the time to consider your actions and their consequences before taking them, feeling kinder toward others and yourself, able to forgive yourself earlier when you make mistakes.