Red Wine Gift – Easy to Keep on Hand For Any Occasion

I think having a wine gift storage would be a great idea because you won’t have to be in rush for purchasing your close one a present. Also its better if you already know when is your best friend’s birthday and his/her wine taste too. There is wide variety of gifts like books, movies but I prefer wine. It’s a fancy, on budget gift with a nice wine bag or box suitable for any age range. Keeping 7-8 different bottles of wine on hand is perfect. You don’t have to be a wine expert or a sommelier to give perfectly suitable wine. The point is to know a few key things about wines. My suggestion is combination of red, white and a Rose. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or a Riesling can be your choice for white wine gifts. Chardonnays are worldwide popular. Depends on the winery, may have a hint of butter, melon or citrus, they have a sweet taste. Sauvignon Blanc is good for a little more acidic taste and an insinuation of apples, pears, and grass. Riesling is a medium wine between sweet and acidic. So depends on your best friends taste, you can select the right one, Sweet, acidic or neutral.

Easy to Keep on Hand For Any Occasion

Red wine gifts can run the range from Merlots to Shiraz. I like Merlot, Zinfandel, or a Pinot Noir. I do like Merlots because they have very light and smooth with mixture of herbs and berries. Zinfandels, on the other hand, are hearty and are the ideal with pasta and pizza, an Italian style. The Pinot Noir as a red wine gift sets is hard to beat. Usually Pinot Noirs have flavor of tea leaves, plums, or cherries. A good Rose or Blush completes wine gift stash. Roses are very popular and have reputation of going with just about anything. So a decent wine gift basket would be complete with them. Blushes are festive and light and feel almost as celebratory as sparkling wines. So I guess, there is a point to start.

There is an idea to come up with fancy, nice gift. Now when your neighbor fixes your car and he doesn’t take any money for that, or when all of a sudden remember it is your best friend’s birthday, or the neighbor’s wife procreates and you like to show your sympathy. You go to your gift storage, pull out the wines stash pick suitable bottle of wine, a wine gift bag, and a gift tag and you good to go. Not only wine is a high class, portable gift, it can be the main piece of a gift basket combine with the pasta, pizza, cheeses, breads, and even chocolates. You can customize creatively your wine gift basket for any special occasion is nearly as satisfying for the giver as the receiver–even more so, if they offer to share. How beautiful is that.

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