Part time MBA – Is a graduate school program really worth it?

Part time MBA degrees are a Concern for many climbing the corporate ladder, but are that kind of graduate school program actually worth the time, stress and expense. If you are working a full-time occupation and would like to further your business knowledge, you have likely considered a Master’s of Business Administration program. Prior to signing on the dotted line, let us look at the realities of earning a master’s degree on a part-time foundation.

The Challenges of Going to School Part Time

When you enroll in a graduate school program, you are probably looking at three to five decades of late nights, additional stress and much more duties. If you have already got a lot on your plate, including a fulltime job, you will need to make sacrifices so as to finish your course of study. You are going to be spending your evenings and weekends attending class and doing homework, with deadlines always looming.

Cost Factors for an MBA Education

In Addition to the time challenges of attending part time mba singapore program, there are cost concerns also. Getting your degree is a significant investment whether you are going full-time or not and if you attend online or on campus. Some programs start under $10,000 while higher end ones, such as Harvard Business School, can approach $100,000 in tuition and fees.

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Cost Benefits of Enrolling Part Time Are:

  • You can continue to get your salary and benefits.
  • Many companies provide at least partial tuition reimbursement.

Need-based financial aid is also available. Most part-time students use student loan programs to help pay for their degrees, and grants are available for those who qualify. So as to get financial aid, you complete a FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid, a government-required form which determines your eligibility for many different programs.

The Payoff of Making a Part Time MBA

Taking On a part-time graduate school program can be hard, but the rewards can include better salary and much more job choices. According to the official GMAT Website, MBA graduates can expect to earn 57 percent more than their past under-grad salaries, with results varying by industry, sooner experience and location. Completing A graduate school program and earning your degree in business may let you to get promoted, also. Not only are you creating your management skills, you are also telling your present employer that you are serious about taking on more responsibility. Think carefully before applying for a part time MBA.