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CREST Penetration Testing in Singapore

Accreditation by the Computer Reliability Engineering Society (CREST) in Singapore is a badge of quality. Cybersecurity services provided by its members are of high quality via suitable policies, methods, and crest approved provider for businesses both domestically and internationally.


SoftScheck has established a solid customer base in a short period. We always aim to achieve the most pleasing client experience in addition to our high level of technical proficiency and established procedures.

SoftScheck, a Singapore-based CREST-accredited cybersecurity consulting organization, specializes in penetration testing and other cybersecurity approaches. This research-driven firm aims to promote Information security from the outset for businesses of all stripes. Our specialists may assess various systems, networks, & applications.

What is CREST stand for?

In technical information security, CREST is a well-acknowledged accrediting and certifying organization. When it comes to information security, CREST is the voice of the industry.

Validating the competency of member organizations’ technical security personnel; Providing advice, standards, and opportunities to exchange and expand knowledge; Validating the competence of member organizations’ technological security staff;

Supporting people who are joining or developing in the security field with recognized professional certifications and ongoing professional development

Penetration testing, threat intelligence, and cyber incident response services may be performed by qualified persons with the most current knowledge, skills, and competence backed by a professional services firm with appropriate policies, processes, and procedures.

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