C. Lee Kenagy Park Raytown MO

Lee Kenagy Park Raytown MO is located in Raytown, Missouri. This is one of the biggest parks established on 18-acre area in the region. Mostly it is known with its short name Kenagy Park. This multi-purpose park located is in a city park in Raytown. The C. Lee Kenagy Park is exactly located on the 79th street and Raytown Road. The park includes many facilities for the visitors; the park was established for the locals to visit.

Facilities in the park

As C. Lee Kenagy Park covers a large area, it is very well equipped. The facilities include six shelters, a skate park, four tennis courts with night play facility, a baseball ground, a fishing pond and a 0.71 km long walking track for jogging.

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In the six shelters, two are available for the rent. For the reservation of the shelter house, you can call or come to the park authority. Park remains open from 7 am – 11 pm.

Tennis courts in C. Lee Kenagy Park

  1. Lee Kenagy Park is facilitated with four tennis courts. Locals play tennis and authorities arrange tournaments for the locals to participate in the tennis courts. All tennis courts are lighted and people can play in the night too. Tennis players need to register at this tennis facility to compete with other tennis players.

Skate park in the C. Lee Kenagy Park 

Foundation Repair in Raytown MO, Children love Skate Park. Skate Park in the Lee Kenagy Park is the only skate facility in the city. Youngsters mostly visit to enjoy the park for skating facility.

The skate park was built in 2005. It was built by American Ramp Company, which is based in Joplin Missouri. The whole park is constructed with steel; atop surface has smooth concrete, which makes skating possible. The skate park contains, two large quarter pipes, one is five feet long and the other is six feet long. An equal sized roll in ramp was included across each quarter pipe. The skate park set up is not perfect despite its defects it is easy to get around. The people of the city love skate park. The people called it ‘Raytown’s test park’ because they think they will have an upgraded and well-established skate park in the city.

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