Remedial presence of god’s love

God’s love as a healing presence in the entire world is growing stronger every day. Lots of men and women are not yet able to comprehend this growing presence of light, since there also exists now a thick cloud of negative energy that is surrounding the Earth. This functions to obscure both the understanding and the consciousness of individuals and also to create feelings of isolation and despair. These feelings are not the religious reality of the time; they are made by the existence of much negative energy in the atmosphere of the Earth that has not yet been transformed. There are some ways which you can attune your awareness right now, to have the ability to open your heart more fully to experience and get more of God’s healing presence and mild.

is God real

As you reach out to God and start to Divine love, you do not just nourish yourself, however you will also encourage your fellow human beings on the Earth by holding a presence of love and light. This has a powerful influence on the entire world and on all those around you. It is been said that God’s love can cure all. This is a religious reality, which frees a soul to their original purity and divine essence. All that is been out of harmony with God’s love is transformed and released. This healing process is occurring not just for people but for humankind as a whole at the moment. There is a growing understanding among lots of people on the Earth which there is much change going on in the world and that there is a need for individuals to come together to address the problems of the world. This awareness is among the first signs of an awakening humanity that will one day fully understand and feel and experience the presence of God’s love for a living reality.

God’s love could be not just felt in your awareness, but in addition can now be felt tangibly in several sacred places on the Earth. ¬†There are two ways that you can start to feel and get more of the healing presence of God’s love in your life. One would be to take a couple of minutes each day to quietly meditate, pray, spend time in nature, or just sit and breathe. As you does this often, together with the profound prayer and intention to open your consciousness to get more of God’s love, your consciousness and perception will start and you will start to experience yourself in a new manner. Another way that you can begin to more fully experience¬†is God real to combine with other spirits in prayer, meditation, worship, or religious practice. There are a number of ways to experience God’s love and the kind of the spiritual gathering is not important.


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